Where can I see giant pandas? Come here to find out.

The best four places to see giant pandas in China

  1. Dujiangyan giant panda base, Sichuan

    Also known as the “Valley for Giant Pandas”, Dujiangyan panda base is 50 km away from Chengdu downtown. The majority of giant pandas here are sub-adults, many of whom are trained to return to the wild eventually. Apart from seeing cute panda bears, you can also hike the Qingcheng Mountain and have a sight of the famous Dujiangyan Water Project.

  2. Wolong giant panda base, Sichuan

    Wolong base is located in Aba Autonomous Prefecture. More than 100 giant pandas are living in the Wolong base, about 10% of the number in China. A larger natural reserve area of about 200,000 hectares in Wolong makes sure the giant pandas enjoy a rich forest, nice air, and comfortable habitat.

  3. Bifengxia giant panda base, Sichuan

    Bifengxia giant panda base is located in Ya’an, where all the well-known giant panda stars come from, such as “Tuantuan”, “Yuanyuan”, “Olympics Panda”, and “World Expo Panda”. Maybe due to the vast mountainous area, giant pandas here are considered to be very lively. Bifengxia base is the only safari park in Sichuan and the first one in China.

  4. Chengdu giant panda center

    Chengdu giant panda center is more of a scientific research institute rather than a tourist attraction. The center is set up for better knowledge, breeding, and preservation of giant pandas, but it welcomes the public visit to raise awareness. If you plan to stay in Chengdu for one day, this is the place you must go have a look besides Broad and Narrow Valley, and Temple of Marquis.

  5. Places where giant pandas are living outside China

    By the end of 2019, there are in total 63 giant pandas living abroad. Nine of them are in the US, ten in Japan, 5 in Belgium, 4 in Canada, 3 in Malaysia, Spain, and France respectively, and 2 in each other countries such as Russia and Denmark.

    In the US, people can see giant pandas closely in National Zoological Park in Washington, which is open to the public for free.