Sleepy Panda - How Many Hours Do Pandas Sleep a Day

How much do pandas sleep?

Although giant pandas have the severest dark circles around the eyes, they do not lack sleep. On the contrary, they sleep a lot, about 13.5 hours a day. In captivity, pandas are fed twice a day on time, so they spend the rest of the time sleeping.

sleeping panda

How do pandas sleep?

Pandas can pose all kinds of flexible gestures. When they sleep, they prefer to lie down or curl up. Their favorite one is placing the rear paw against a tree and covering the eyes with their front paws.

sleeping baby pandas

Panda sleeping time

Pandas can only absorb about 20% of the bamboo nutrition, but they are big animals with carnivore’s digestive system, which means they have to keep activities at a minimum. Their sleeping time is flexibly whenever they are sleepy, instead of strict timetable; in a day, besides 13.5 hours’ sleeping in total, pandas spend another 10 hours eating food, mostly bamboo, the rest 0.5 hour walking around and play.

Sleeping panda

When in sleeping, the adorable pandas become even cuter and funnier.