Panda Predator Fact - What Are Pandas Predators

Do giant pandas have predators? What are they?

As an animal who has lived on earth for more than 8 million years, adult pandas barely have any predators in the wild. Although they feed on bamboos 99%, giant pandas keep the large body and sharp teeth.

What Animals Eat Giant Pandas?

Only when they are little, they can be fragile and become the target of some carnivore predators such as golden cat, clouded leopard, yellow-throated marten, jackal, or wolf.

How do pandas protect themselves?

You may think of giant pandas as one most loved cute animal in the world, with their round head, black and white fur, funny dark circles, and clumsy moves. However, in fact they are mid-size animals with an average weight of 80 to 120 kg for adults. Giant pandas can be quite aggressive in the wild, especially when they are looking after their babies. With sharp claws and teeth, a powerful bite force, they could be as dangerous as any other kind of bears. While there are not so many large attacking animals living in their habitat, so giant pandas can be as free as they want. Except that they have to worry about the food and keep enough energy to last winter due to their vegetarian eating habits. That’s why they spend more than half of a day on eating.