Plump Rolling Pandas? They are Actually Good Climbers in the Forest.

From the look of plump pandas, we may think of them as slow and heavy. It’s true that they walk slowly most of the time, but they can actually be very agile especially when they climb up a tree.

panda climbing tree

Why do they climb? Giant pandas climb trees to avoid attacks and have a better look of the surroundings to keep themselves safe, so some may sleep on trees in the wild; of course they also climb up to see the open and beautiful view sometimes.

panda climbing bamboo

We may occasionaly see a panda climbed up a tree quickly but ended up falling out, on panda vedio in zoos or panda centers in China. This is just because the trees are too slender and weak to uphold the heavy panda. Pandas have very sharp claws enabling them to climb, bigger pandas with biggers claws, so we don’t need to worry about the grasp. To maintain this ability in captivity, they need to practice as much as possible, that’s why the captive environment is set highly alike to the wild.

panda falling out of tree