Panda Behavior and Lifestyle: What Do Pandas Do Every Day

Panda characteristic behavior

Pandas like to live alone, in their living zone in the wild. Female and male pandas only meet during mating season from March to August, and once they have mated, female pandas will raise the cubs by themselves in the territory.

Pandas are good at climbing the tree, and also love to play around. Especially when in mating season, to avoid danger or stronger animals in the wild, pandas will climb up to the trees.

Wild pandas also tend to move to lower valleys, get into the local villages, play with round toylike items such as the bowls and barrels outside the houses, and throw them away in the woods afterwards. Sometimes they even get close to and live with the livestock including sheep and pigs for a short while.

What’s the panda’s temperament like?

Pandas have a very gentle temperament. At the first time of meeting humans, they usually cover the face with their paws or keep the head down not showing the face. They rarely make active attacks on other animals or human beings; pandas avoid others even in random encountering. However, when a panda becomes a mother, her babies are sacred and no offense can be tolerated; mere concern or visit by people can cause their anger and threatening gestures will be made by them.

Panda Behavior

What do pandas do every day?

Due to the vegetarian bamboo-eating habits, carnivore digestive system, and their huge body, giant pandas have to keep eating and lessen activities to ensure sufficient energy. They sleep for over 10 hours, eat for more than 10 hours a day. What a leisure life the cute pandas have!

Although pandas seem to be lazy, they love climbing trees and playing with each other or toys in captivity. Usually, they climb trees to avoid danger, seek mating, or see the view for fun. Sometimes if the tree is too slender for its weight, it may fall out. Pandas will then get upset at the tree and possibly break the branches off, which is quite funny. You may have the chance to see the cute moments in China panda centers.