Giant Pandas’ Life Cycle- From Cubs to Adults

How long do pandas live in the wild and in captivity?

Giant pandas can live up to 30 years. Normally in the wild, giant pandas live a life of 15-20 years; but in captivity, they can live up to 30 years.

The four life stages of giant pandas.

Pandas grow from neonates (0–365 days), to juveniles (12- 18 months), to subadults (19 months-4.5 years), and to adults (over 4.5 years).

Female pandas only have a short period of fertility each year. Gestation takes half a year or so. Normally one or twin cubs will be born at once, triplets rarely seen. Baby pandas stay with their mothers until two-three years. Therefore, a panda in the wild can raise only three or four cubs in a lifetime.

Life cycle for baby panda

The gestation period for giant pandas are between 95-165 days. Newborn baby pandas (cubs) are as tiny as a pencil when born, do not open their eyes until 6–8 weeks old, cannot stand, and only start to move at about 3 months old. They live in the embrace of mother pandas within the first year, during which period baby pandas learn to walk, climb trees, and eat bamboos.

When they are about two years old, they will leave their mother's side.