The Mystery about Panda’s nationality- Does China own all the giant pandas.

Yes, all the giant pandas are owned by China. Giant pandas are given birth and living in west China regions, where the weather, humidity, food source, and all the other natural resources are perfect for giant pandas. Although there were some taken out of China during the war times back in about 100 years before 1949, those pandas have died now and left no offspring due to the huge difficulty of raising and breeding panda species.

Only two are exceptional: there were two giant pandas given by China to Mexico as a gift of national friendship; the two pandas had seven offsrings in total and only two of them are alive in their elderly now. Giant pandas are so loved by people from across the world, so since 1979, China has been happy to lease these cute bears to the countries who want to keep one or two for kind and friendly reasons. But rent needs to be paid and the ownership of these pandas always goes to China, including their children.