Dumb Looking Giant Pandas Not Dumb at All

Everytime we speak of giant pandas, an image shapes in our mind, cute pandas rolling all over on the ground like a giant meatball. Although they look slow in motion, it doesn’t mean they are slow mentally.

Individual panda may vary from one to another, but in general, pandas are smarter than they look. Pandas have a mental intelligence similar to that of a 3- or 4-year-olds. The smartest panda is called “Shuqing”, with the intelligence of a six-year-old.

We can get to know their smartness from their passion with toys. Giant pandas love to play with toys.

dumb panda

For example, when baby pandas are given the spinning top, they don’t know how to do with it and often fall out at first, but they tend to learn from time to time, adjust gestures, coordination and balance, and then they can enjoy sitting and spinning around in the top.

Panda keepers at panda centers in China make many kinds of toys for pandas in captivity, to train their mental abilities and physical strength.

smart panda